Federal Government of Pakistan Notifies GP Fund Subscription Rates 2016

Islamabad: The Finance Division, Government of Pakistan has notified the rates for subscription towards General Provident Fund. The notification has been issued by Deputy secretary  Muhammad Shahid Ahmad Ch on August 10, 2016.

The notification read as:

“The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Division’s 0.M No F.1(5)-Reg.7/87-301 dated 17th August 2015 on the above subject and to state that consequent upon the revision of basic pay scales for the civil employees of the Federal Government circulated vide Finance Division’s O.M. No 1(2)Imp/2016-333 dated 1″ July, 2016 , it has boon decided to revise the rates of subscription towards General Provident Fund”.

These deductions will be made from the pay of August 2016 which is to paid on 1st September, 2016.

GP Fund Subscription Rates 2016

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