Lahore: NACTA Issues Threat Alert on Occasion of Independence Day

Lahore: National Counter Terrorism Authority Islamabad has issued a threat alert regarding plan of two suicide bombers. It has been learnt that the terrorists may attack parade at Wahga Border Lahore or at Ganda Singh Border Kasur.

The threat alert, issued by Director (Ops/Sec) Mr. Obaid Farooq Malik on August 9, 2016, read as under:

“Reportedly, Tehreek e Taliban, Fazal Ullah Group is planning to target parade at Wahga Border, Lahore or Ganda Singh Border, Kasur on 13, 14 or 15 August, 2016. It is further learnt that 02 suicide bombers have been dispatched for this purpose.”

NACTA asks provincial government and law and order maintaining departments to maintain extreme vigilance and heightened security measures on Independence Day so that such event may be avoided.

NACTA Threat Alert

Thereafter, the number of policemen were seen in huge number on main roads of Lahore today. THe police was seen checking the entrants and bikers at various locations of Lahore.

Note: The letter was to restricted to relevant persons but have been found on circulating on social media. Secrecy needs to be maintained in this regard too by the relevant authorities.

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