Pakistan International Airlines to Start Premier Services

Lahore: Pakistan International Airlines is going to launch premier services from August 14, 2016. The first of its kind, the service will provide Business & Economy class to the passengers. Three A330 Aircrafts have been obtained from Srilanka for these operations.

New services are being added in PIA to regain the business of airline industry. PIA is suffering huge losses every years and during the last decade, there was not a single year in which earnings of PIA were positive.

As per Dawn News, each aircraft will travel 11 hours per day and will cost PIA $88,000 daily, which will add up to $264,000 for three aircraft.

A number of good steps are in process which will boost the airline industry of Pakistan.One of them is the construction of New Islamabad Airport and its operations to be initiated in 2017.

It is hoped that the addition of new planes (both on wet and dry lease) will benefit the national airline of Pakistan and its earnings will become in positive digits.

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