State bank of Pakistan Weighted Average Customer Exchange Rates 10th August, 2016

Karachi (August 10, 2016): State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issues daily weighted average customer exchange rates. Here is the data released by the central bank today. All currency inflow is supervised and managed by State Bank.

The open market exchange rates differ slightly as from of State Bank’s notified rates. The open market rates has more often ups and down due to supply and demand issues.

Weighted Average Customer Exchange Rates

Currency Buying Selling
AED 28.46 28.51
AUD 80.42 80.57
CAD 80 80.14
CHF 106.7 106.9
EUR 116.5 116.8
GBP 136.5 136.8
JPY 1.031 1.033
SAR 27.87 27.92
USD 104.5 104.7

As per SBP notice “the data is compiled and disseminated for information only. These Exchange Rates are an estimate of the Exchange Rates quoted by various Commercial Banks to their clients. They are compiled from the Exchange Rate sheets issued daily by various Commercial Banks providing their indicative Exchange Rates for commercial transaction with customers.”

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