Any Notification Regarding Iqbal Day Holiday November 9, 2016?

Islamabad: The Federal Government of Pakistan has not issued any notification regrading the public holiday on 9th November, 2016 in the memory of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Iqbal Day will be celebrated on 9th November,2016 in all provinces of Pakistan. The Interior Ministry has not yet issued notification regarding the holiday for the Iqbal Day.


But, KPK government has announced the public holiday on Monday, November 9, to mark the birth anniversary of national poet and philosopher Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

A news regarding the holiday on Iqbal day in other provinces is not more than a rumor.

Everybody knows that the Allama Iqbal is our national poet and he made a lot of efforts to motivate the Muslims of sub-continents to get a separate country for them. So, government should pay regards to his effort and celebrate the Iqbal day with full of enthusiasm.

Finally, please don’t wonder and waste your time in the search of any notification based on Iqbal Day Holiday, because the holiday has been cancelled by the government since 2014 and notification can be found.

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