Emotional and Heart Touching Dua from Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema 2016

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema for year 2016 has been scheduled. It is a religious gathering of the Muslims from all around the world in Pakistan, where different Islamic scholars deliver a very precious words about the Islam and the Muslims to the people in Ijtema and the people who listen live from the Raiwind, Lahore.


Religious Scholars always talk about the life of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and His (PBUH) teachings. They try to deliver their best and pray for the Muslims of the world. They pray for the peaceful world and to get rid of terrorism. Different blogs are also providing live streaming and sharing live updates from Raiwind Ijtema 2016 continuously.

The lectures are being done by the Islamic Leaders to encourage, to motivate and to bring the people more closer to the faith.

There are total two sessions of this Ijtema and two final ending Duas will be done by the Molana Tariq Jameel Sb,  head of the Tableegi Ijtema. Final Dua of Part-1 will be took place on Sunday 6th November, 2016, while Part-2 final emotional and heart touching Dua will be offered on Sunday 13th November, 2016.

Dua is one of the important parts of the Ijtema and every Muslim want to be a part of it. People at distance also try their best toparticipate in the Dua Live from the Raiwind through Live Streaming.

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