Pakistan will not participate in Tobacco Conference in India

A global tobacco control conference has set to organised from Monday 7th November, 2016 to 11th November, 2016 in new Dehli, India. But due to current ongoing tensions Pakistan will not participate in the coming conference.


It is said by the Minister that Pakistan is not going to India to participate in the conference even they have invited us for the participation. Although the topic and the theme of the conference is very important but due to the diplomatic ties between two neighboring nuclear-armed countries, we cannot join the upcoming event in New Dehli.

Saira Afzal Tarar, Pakistan’s junior minister of health services regulation and coordination, recorder her message regarding the conference in an interview and said “It’s a very important meeting on tobacco, but our visit doesn’t appear feasible due to ongoing tensions”.

“Pakistani health ministry officials had not yet secured visas to attend the conference”, Saira said.

“One or two officials of the health ministry had applied for visa to attend the conference, but I think they are facing issues in getting it” she added.

Guangyuan Liu, an official of the FCTC secretariat, has told to a reporter of private news channel that the Pakistan was invited to particiapte in the conference but it would be possible for Pakistan to attend at New Dehli. No reason was told for not joining.

Participants will discuss on the hot topics related to tobacco such as alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers, e-cigarettes and trade and investment issues.

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