Punjab Food Authority Declares Oil “Not Fit For Use”

Lahore: The Punjab Food Authority collected oil samples of all major companies and brands and found that a number of these oil samples are not fit for human consumption.


The Punjab Food Authority is headed by Director General Noor ul Amin Mengal who had been an active administrator.

The oil brands whose samples have LESS Vitamin A and less degree of saponification are as under:

  • Shah Cooking Oil
  • Shah Banaspati
  • Smart Canola Cooking Oil
  • Ghani Cooking Oil
  • Shahtaj Cooking Oil
  • Soya Supreme Cooking Oil
  • Kashmir Canola Oil
  • Coco Banaspati

Furthermore, the oil samples of following companies contain foul smell, artificial chemicals and high level of cholesterol are as under:

  • Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil
  • Soya Supreme Banaspati
  • Olive Premium Canola Oil
  • Momin Cooking Oil
  • Mayaar Banaspati
  • Momin Banaspati
  • Salva Spanish Olive Oil
  • Seasons Banaspati
  • Sundrop COoking Oil
  • Tullo Cooking Oil
  • Tallo Banaspati
  • Maan Banaspati
  • Naaz Banaspati
  • Kisan Vegetabe Ghee
  • Malta Banaspati

The Punjab Food Authority has also published a public awareness message showing the names of these companies who are producing the unhealthy oils. These oils have been regarded as unfit for human consumption.

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